Re-Opening 2022-2023

We want to take this opportunity to wish our students and families a healthy and happy summer as our school year ends for 2021-2022. We also want to share our plans for school re-opening in September.

While we recognize that the pandemic is not officially over, we have been able to resume most of those activities and gatherings that we were able to enjoy prior to March 2020.

As such, we plan to fully re-open for face-to-face learning for all of our students in the coming school year. This means that our take home packages and distance learning options will not continue in the 2022-2023 school year.

We are proud that, as a community and as a school, we worked very hard to keep our children safe. Now as the pandemic subsides and measures have been put in place to reduce the impact of Covid, we need to move forward. This means having our students back in the building five days a week and returning to a full menu of extra-curricular activities.

Together, we did our best to meet the needs of our students during difficult times and now, we must remain committed to the needs of our students. The ability to socialize, to gather, to learn and to play are critical to mental health of children and we want to bring that back in the fall.

Of course, many families still have maintained masking and sanitizing practices and we will respect that. We will continue to provide those resources in the school as an option for those who choose it, but masking will no longer be mandatory when we return this year.

Of course, if there are changes to Public Health Orders and restrictions are reinstated, we will be flexible and adjust accordingly.

If you have questions, please call the school at 306-764-5506.


G. Tyrone MacPherson
Director of Education Sturgeon Lake First Nation